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Dementia Care

All Friendly Care homes are registered to provide specialist care for elderly people who are living with dementia.

Our homes provide a dementia friendly environment to assist residents living with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other forms of memory impairment.

Residents living with dementia can expect the same high quality service and personalized care to assist them with day to day living by our specialist trained staff who understand and respect each residents choices, preferences and individual care needs.


Our staff are trained in the many different subjects that are involved in providing care for people living with dementia which enables our staff to support our residents on the good days and the bad days. 

Our staff know that dementia affects everyone differently and so the approach they take to support each resident must be in harmony with their character and temperament and also to meet their care needs.


Friendly Care homes enjoy a low staff turnover, to the benefit of our residents, as such the relationships between staff and residents play a crucial role in the quality of care and support that our residents enjoy.

Quality dementia care is provided by our staff who know and understand our residents as people with emotions, habits, likes and dislikes, personalities and characters. All of which can only be gained through time and experience together.


We encourage and actively involve families and friends in all aspects of the care and services we provide.

When we look at the planned care for residents living with dementia, particularly for new residents, we seek information that will enable us to provide truly person centered care which not only respects the choices and preferences regarding day to day living but also integrates the life history, hobbies and interests into daily activities within the home.

We extend our services beyond just our residents. Family and friends can also benefit from our experience to understand the challenges that dementia can bring and together we will support each other to provide the best quality of care for our residents.


The environment we provide for our residents can be experienced both physically and psychologically and both are equally important in the provision of dementia care. 

We aim to provide a safe, secure, comfortable and homely environment for our residents who live with dementia to enable them to move freely and safely around the home. 

Appropriate furniture, fabrics and colour schemes are co-ordinated together with specialist equipment and sensory stimulation that all works in harmony for the benefit of our residents.

We provide a relaxing and reassuring environment where family, friends and children feel welcome to visit their loved ones.